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Level 50

  1. Go To Maraudon, follow this guide I wrote about Maraudon. Doing all the quests (or at least the main ones) shoud get you about 75% done in level 50. Don't turn in the quest [51] Seed of Life though, it's in Moonglade and we'll make a stop there later on in the chapter.

  2. Time to explore new areas! Repair, resupply food and drink (3 stacks), check the AH. Make Ironforge your homepoint. Buy 15 silk cloth if you don't have that on you already. You'll need them for a searing gorge quest.

    In short: Go to Searing Gorge.
    In details: From Ironforge, fly to Thelsamar, then go south to Badlands. In Badlands you can find the entrance to the Searing Gorge on the western end of the Badlands, south of Kargath (the horde outpost) at (3,61)

    Inside Searing Gorge:

    Follow the trail north and then west around the area named "The Cauldron" and find Kalaran Windblade (38,39). Get the quest [48] Divine Retribution then talk to Kalaran again and go through his dialogue. Turn in the quest and get the follow up [48] The Flawless Flame.

    Go a bit further west and you should find a path going up the mountain to Thorium Point (32,33).

    In Thorium point, find an panel at (37,26). Right click it and get the quests:

    1. [48] JOB OPPORTUNITY: Culling the Competition
    2. [48] STOLEN: Smithing Tuyere and Lookout's Spyglass
    3. [50] WANTED: Overseer Maltorius (Elite)

    Get the 3 quests from Hansel Heavyhands:

    1. [49] Incendosaurs? Whateverosaur is More like It.
    2. [49] Curse These Fat Fingers
    3. [49] Fiery Menace!

    and [50] What the Flux? from Master Smith Burninate.

    Note: If you ever need to sell and repair, you should go to this NPC.

    Get the flight path.

    Your quest log should look like this:

    note: You should have [49] Rise of the Silithid instead of March of the Silithid, which is the follow up. We will get it later in the guide.

    Start of Searing Gorge circuit #1

  3. First, go south where you'll find a big wheel (its part of a dark iron dwarven forge) and kill all the Dark Iron Steamsmith you find there (39,50), there should be 5 or 6 around here.
    Hopefully one of them will drop the smithing tuyere you need. If not, lets just go on, we'll come back here later.

  4. Start heading east and kill any elemental or Heavy War Golem you find on the way. Also kill Dark Iron Taskmasters and Dark Iron Slavers on your way. Don't wait for respawns, just kill them while going east. At (59,35) mount up and ride southeast to Grimesilt Dig site and find a little wooden house at (65,62) behind the dig site, which actually looks like some public toilet. Right click it and get the quest [45] Caught!.

    Start killing the Dark Iron dwarves in the camp as well as the golems around here. After you have killed 8 Dark Iron Gelologists and got 15 silk cloth (if you don't have them, kill more of those dwarves, they drop silk cloth), go back to the Wooden Outhouse and turn in the quest, don't get the follow up though.

  5. Now go back to the digsite, and clear it entirely, especially the northern part. Get full HP/Mana and get the quest from Dorius Stonetender [48] Suntara Stones.

    At (66,44) he will stop to catch his breath and will get ambushed by 4 lvl 43 Dark Iron Steelshifter. Easy fight for you but make sure you get at least all but one off Dorius quickly so that he doesn't die.

    At (74,19) he will get assassinated (you can't help it) and a parchment will appear on the floor next to him.

    Click it and turn in the quest, get the follow up [48] Suntar Stones.

  6. Ride southwest to the entrance of The Cauldron (63,38). Inside the Cauldron, kill all the Dark Iron dwarves and Elementals you find. The Blazing Elementals and the Magma Elementals drop the Heart of Flame you need. Also kill any Heavy War Golem you find.

    Note: If while killing dwarves you find a "Grimsite Outhouse Key", right click it to start the quest [47] The Key to Freedom, we will turn it in later on.

  7. Progress westwards inside the Cauldron until you find an iron slope going up at (46,53). Follow this slope until you find an entrance to the Slag Pit at (41,54).

    Inside the slag pit go across the bridge, on your left will be the Quarry Gate, go through it.
    Work your way northwards until a bigger room where you'll find Enslaved Archeologists and a big 52 Elite elite golem lying down (ignore it). Go up the iron slope, midway on the slope you have 2 options, straight or left. Go straight. You'll soon enter a room with several pairs of taskmasters and slavers.

    In this room further in and to the right you'll find Overseer Maltorius and 2 Dark Iron Sentries. These are 3 elites so you can't solo them. You can either try to find more people (I managed to duo it with mage + paladin) or just abandon this quest. However, behind these 3 elites you can find Secret Plans: Fiery Flux.

    You need to click the plan and not be interupted for 6 seconds. So how do you do this? Well several classes can't do it, Paladins for example. Some can, like mage:

    Sheep the overseer, let the 2 sentries come to you, Iceroot them, run for the scroll and loot it fast, then jump down the ledge behind the scroll.

    Or warlock, hunter: Send in the pet, quickly loot the scroll and jump down.

    Or warrior: charge the Taskmaster, and use intimidating shout. Loot the scroll quickly and jump down.

    Engineers can probably make it too if they got a high level target dummy.

    Anyway, that's if you can't find people to kill those 3 elites with you, so try to find people for it and in the meantime you can go on with the other quests inside the Slag Pit. Better try it with 2 other people, its a tough fight because Overseer is a mage and casts polymorph. If you got paladin or priest they can dispell it. Best is to sap/sheep Overseer and kill the 2 sentries first, then deal with the overseer alone.

  8. From the same big room, go over the iron bridge which is on the opposite side of the 3 elites. On the other side of the bridge, jump down to the lower floor at the drop off spot indicated on the map. From this spot go east and you should find Incendosaurs, kill 20 of them.

  9. When done with that, go back up the ramp and then get out of the Slag pit, jump down back into the Cauldron and work your way westwards looking for Blaze Elementals until you get 4 Heart of Flame.

  10. Then go to the iron slope you took previously at (46,53) Follow this slope but this time skip the first entrance to the slag pit, and get on the elevator (40,54). The elevator will stop at the 1st floor and 2nd floor but don't get off. Wait until it's on the 3rd floor from there you can get out of the Cauldron.

    Kill every Steamsmith you find around the buildings infront and to the left of you after getting off the elevator (39,50). There is 5 Steamsmiths at this spot, pray that one of them drops a smithing Tuyere. If not don't worry, we'll kill more of these later.

  11. Kill every Heavy War Golem around and go north to Karalan Windblade (39,38). Turn in the quest and get the follow up [48] Forging the Shaft

  12. Go to thorium point and turn in the quests you have completed. When turning in [50] What the Flux?, Master Smith Burninate will open 3 new quests to you, but they are just to work on thorium brotherhood faction, so don't bother unless you care about this faction.

    You should be level 51 by now, if not you should grind on dark iron dwarves in the slag pit for exemple to catch up.

Level 51

  1. Sell and repair, then go south to the big dwarven forge/wheel (39,50) and kill Dark Iron Steamsmiths again.

  2. Then go west and then south, basically staying close to the cauldron but never going down in it. Kill every dwarf and golem on your way. Basically make circles around the cauldron. Also make sure you kill any Greater Lava Spider on sight.

    There is alot of them in an area west of the cauldron (28,47).

    While doing circles around the cauldron, make sure you kill the Dark Iron Lookouts you can find at the feet of each of the 4 watch towers. They drop the spyglass you need for one of the quests.

  3. Anyway, as soon as you got 8 Thorium Plated Daggers, go back to Kalaran Windblade, even if you didn't finish the other quests yet.

    Note: The Thorium Plated Daggers can drop on any dark iron dwarf, it generally takes me a full turn around the cauldron to get 8 of them.

    Turn in the quest at Kalaran Windblade and get the follow up [50] The Flame's Casing (Elite)

  4. Go kill the 5 Dark Iron Steamsmiths again before you go, if you haven't got the Smithing Tuyere yet.

  5. Now you should ask in Looking for Group channel if anyone is interested in doing [50] The Flame's Casing (Elite) and [50] Prayer to Elune (Elite) (we are gonna get this quest on the way soon).

    You can duo these two quests but it might be a bit tough depending on the class mix you get. So if you find more it's even better.

    If you don't find people to help you immediatly, just keep on doing circles around the cauldron killing dwarves, giants and greater lava spiders while waiting on people to join your group.

  6. Once you got yourself a group (or at least one level 48+ partner). Go west to the Twilight camp at (24,34). There is a cavern with Twilight mobs further to the west but don't go there, first you should go up a narrow path up the mountain. When you are up the path, you should face your first twilight mobs, they are all elite and lvl 48-50. Clear through them eastwards until you reach a small pool of lava. (27,26)

    The pool of lava might look too crowded, but actually you can get solo pulls if you know the trick. Out of the 6 mobs at this lava pool, 3 of them are Twilight Idolaters, and they don't assist if you pull a mob that is next to them, they are busy performing a ritual. They will only attack if you attack them directly.

    So first you must pull the mobs one by one and then the idolaters. Once you go the lava pool cleared, you can go get the quest from that captured elf, Zameal Lunthistle. After taking his quest, talk to him again and go through his dialogue, then turn in the quest and get the follow up: [50] Prayer to Elune.

  7. Now all that is left for you to do is kill Twilight mobs (any of them) until you get :
    1. Symbol of Ragnaros
    2. Prayer to Elune

    When you got both these items, you can say goodbye to your group and go back to Kalaran Windblade. You can also go to thorium point for a quick sell/repair if necessary.

  8. Turn in your quest at Kalaran Windblade and get the follow up [50] The Torh of Retribution. Turn it in, watch him craft the torch, then get the quest [50] The Torch of Retribution. Right click the stick surrounded by a green aura, complete the quest. Talk to Kalaran again, get the quest [50] Squire Maltrake.

    Turn in the quest at Squire Maltrake and get the follow up [52] Set Them Ablaze! (Elite)

    Luckily, this is one of the elite quests you can solo!

  9. Go southwest to the first watch tower (33,52). Don't forget to kill any mob you might still need on the way (golem, spider, dark iron steamsmith or lookout)

    When you are at the 1st watch tower, clear any mobs guarding it (minus the elite inside of it), then search the Torch of Retribution in your inventory, equip it, and put it on a hotkey.

    There is one elite Dark Iron Sentry on the tower, you don't need to kill it, just run past it (or stealth past it if you are rogue/druid). If you can iceroot / sheep / fear it, do so, but you don't have to. Just ignore it, quickly search for a small bowl on the floor named "Sentry Brazier" and right click it.

    It will be instantly lit. Then jump down and run away to lose aggro on the elite.

    Do exactly the same thing on the 2nd tower (35,59), the 3rd tower (43,63) and the 4th tower accessible only through a bridge at (52,57).

    The 4th tower is the one with the most Dark Iron Lookouts, in case you didn't get a Lookout's Spyglass.

  10. After you are done setting the 4th tower ablaze, go east to the Grimsite dig Camp and go turn in [47] The Key to Freedom at the wooden outhouse.

    Optional: If you feel like you are capable of soloing a level 48 Elite (green for you at lvl 51), or if you are not solo, from the grimsite camp go south and find a narrow path going up the mountain at (65,80), you will find a named rhino named Margol the Rager. I soloed him with ease at lvl 51 as mage, warrior and rogue, I just used long cooldown abilities and didn't even need to use potions. He wanders from this path in the mountain to his cave is at (72,77).

    Loot Margol's Horn from him and click it to start the quest [48] The Horn of the Beast.

  11. Go back to Squire Maltrake (38,39), turn in the quest and watch Kalaran transform into a dragon, make his speech and then he'll fly away. Righ tclick the treasure chest named "Hoard of the Black Dragonflight" next to where he was, accept the quest [50] Trinkets...
    Then click the chest againt and complete the quest. Look in your inventory for the red box named Hoard of the Black Dragonflight, open it and loot whats inside of it (especially the Molt, which you will need later on for a quest)

    You don't need the Torch of Retribution anymore, you can destroy it or bank it.

  12. Now there's only one thing left for you to do: finish all the quests that you haven't finished yet, and you already should know where all the mobs you need are. Once you have completed all these quests, go back to thorium point and turn them in.

  13. Fly (don't hearthstone) to Ironforge and then fly to Thelsamar, ride southwest along the road until you find Mountaineer Pebblebitty (18,84). Turn in the quest [48] The Horn of the Beast (Elite). Hearthstone to Ironforge, talk to the Innkeeper and get the quest [50] Assisting Arch Druid Staghelm.

    In Ironforge go to the Hall of Explorers and talk to Curator Thorius, turn in the quest [48] Proof of Deed and [48] Suntara Stones. Take the follow up [48] At last!, don't get the other follow up. Also get the quest [52] A Little Slime Goes a Long Way from Laris Geardawdle and [52] Passing the Burden from Historian Karnik if you don't have this quest already (those who did Chapter II of my guide should have it).

  14. Fly to Thelsamar, go talk to Mountaineer Pebblebitty once again and turn in the quest for another 4400 xp and the Key to Searing Gorge (which is kinda useless nowadays since they added the Thorium Point flight path, so you can bank it).

    End of Searing Gorge circuit #1.

    Note: I had XP Bonus for the major part of the circuit, however if you do the math it's still around 30000 XP / hour.

    Go back to Ironforge, sell, repair, check the Auction house.

  15. Go to the Mystic ward and get the follow up [52] Arcane Runes from Tymor, also get [52] An Easy Pickup from him.

    Go to the Military Ward and get the follow up from Xiggs Fuselighter, turn in the quest so you receive 2 "Standard Issue Flare Gun".

    Fly to Menethil Harbor and take the boat to Auberdine, then fly to Rut'theran Village, go to Darnassus and turn in the quests in the Temple of the Moon:

    1. [49] Rise of the Silithid and get the quest
    2. [53] March of the Silithid
    3. [50] Prayer to Elune

    Go to Arch Druid Staghelm, who is on top of the tower at the Cenarion Enclave and get the follow up [50] Un'Goro Soil.

  16. Make Darnassus your home location, ask a Sentinel if you don't know where the Inn is.

    Get out of Darnassus and fly back to Auberdine, then fly to Gadgetzan.

    In Gadgetzan, turn in [53] March of the Silithid at Alchemist Pestlezugg and get the follow up [53] Bungle in the Jungle. Also get [54] Super Sticky from Tran'rek.

  17. Resupply food/drink (4 stacks), then ride southwest to the slope going down to Ungoro Crater (27,57).

    Start of Un'goro Circuit #1

    Go down the slope and find Torwa Pathfinder to the right up a small hill (71,75). Get the 2 quests:

    1. [53] The Fare of Lar'korwi
    2. [55] The Apes of Un'Goro

    From now on, while in Ungoro Crater look around for crystals. There is 4 types of crystals:

    Red, Blue, Yellow and Green crystals. Loot them anytime you see them until you got 7 of each color. Also look for Ungoro Dirt Piles and loot the Un'goro soil from them. Un'goro soil also drops fairly often from most creatures in Un'goro crater, you should try to have at least about 50 Ungoro Soil before we leave Un'goro, because we will need extra soils for 2 other quests which will require you to transmuate Un'goro soils into Morrowgrain.

  18. Go northwest until you find "A Wrecked Raft" at (63,68). Right click it and accept the quest [52] It's a Secret to Everybody.

    Take a dive right next to where the wrecked raft is and look underwater for yellow bag called "A Small Pack". Click it, turn in and get the follow up. You should receive a small pack in your inventory but don't open it for now, it will save you some bagspace.

    Kill every dinausaur you find on your way and normally you should find a Mangled Journal at some point (if you don't you will later on in Ungoro, don't worry). Right click the journal and get the quest [50] Williden's Journal.

  19. Go northeast from here until (68,56), where you will find a big dinosaur carcass on the floor. Right click it to get the Piece of Threshadon Carcass.
    The cog will be grey at most part of the threshadon's carcass. The only spot where you can get the yellow cog and loot the flesh is at the base of the neck, and only on the east side of the carcass. Once you have your "Piece of Threshadon Carcass", go back to Torwa Pathfinder, turn in the quest and get the follow up [53] The Scent of Lar'korwi.

  20. Go west back into the Marshlands until you find some purple eggs on the floor (67,73). Clear the ravasaurs around it, then step up on the egg pile, a Lar'korwi mate should appear and attack you, kill her and loot the Ravasaur Pheromone Gland (75% drop rate). Then go to the next pile of eggs north of this one (66,67), do the same thing. Go back and forth between these 2 egg piles until you got 2 Glands. Go back to Torwa Pathfinder and turn in the quest, don't get the follow up.

  21. Go back to the Marshlands and kill Dinosaurs while looking for crystals until the following 2 goals are reached:
    1. level 52
    2. 7 Power Crystals of each color

Level 52

  1. Ride north then northwest to Marshall's Refuge (46,13).

    Get the following quests:

    1. [52] Chasing A-Me 01
    2. [51] Shizzle's Flyer from Shizzle
    3. [52] Muigin and Larion from Muigin
    4. [55] Beware of Pterrordax from the Wanted Poster next to Spraggle Frock.
    5. [51] Roll the Bones from Spark Nilminer

    Turn in [50] Williden's Journal and get [53] Expedition Salvation from Williden Marshal and [52] Alien Ecology from Hol'Anyee Marshal.

    Open the "small pack" in your inventory and loot all the items from it, then turn in [52] It's a Secret to Everybody at Linken (he's inside a tree trunk south of Williden Marshal), don't get the follow up yet. You can destroy the throwing daggers and the Faded Photograph from your inventory.

  2. Go inside the cave at Marshall's Refuge and go to the end of it where you'll find a little gnome named J.D. Collie.

    Get her quest [53] Crystals of Power and turn it in. Then get the 3 follow up quests she gives you:

    1. [53] The Eastern Pylon
    2. [53] The Northern Pylon
    3. [53] The Western Pylon

    Your quest log should look like this:

    There's a weapon merchant, use it to repair and sell junk. You can also destroy the extra power crystals if you still have any, for more bagspace.

  3. Get out of Marshall's Refuge and ride east along the wall until (54,13). At this spot go up the mountain and you should find the Northern Crystal Pylon. Click it, and examine it, you should get a "quest complete" message.
    Further north of the crystal you should find some Pterrordax (3 of them normally), kill them.

    From this point on, kill the following mobs on sight:

    1. Bloodpetals of any kind (those walking flowers)
    2. Pterrordaxes
    3. Diametradons

    And also beware of the Tyrant Devilsaurs, there is a few of them roaming in Un'Goro. They are lvl 55ish elite, run fast and hit hard. So watch your back.

  4. Go east to Fungal Rock. You should find plenty of apes there outside and inside the cave.

    Kill apes there until you get 2 un'goro gorilla, stomper and thunderer pelts. Inside the ape cave at the first fork go right until you find A-Me 01, turn in the quest but don't get the follow up.

    Be careful when fighting the Un'Goro Gorillas, they call for help when they get low health, and any other ape in a rather wide range will come to help. So, fight them away from other apes.

  5. Go south until you find 3 black pools with Tar Creepers and Tar Beasts around them (60,26). Clear these 3 pools until you have 12 Super Sticky Tar (drop rate is about 25% per kill)

  6. Go southeast until the expedition encampment (68,36) and loot the Crate of Foodstuffs.

    Go southeast until you find the Eastern Crystal Pylon (76,48). Click it and examine it.

    Go south to Torwa Pathfinder (71,75) and turn in [55] The Apes of Un'Goro, don't get the follow up.

  7. Go west to the Slithering Scar and clear yourself a path to the bug lair entrance at (50,76). Inside the bug lair at the first fork go left, clear the circular room and then stand in the middle of it, look in your inventory for a black vial named "Scraping Vial" and click it. If it doesn't work try different spots in this room until you get a Hive Wall Sample.

    At this point you might already have gotten a Gorishi Scent Gland. If you didn't, keep on killing these bugs until one drops. It can drop from any of the bugs, inside or outside the lair, it doesn't matter.

  8. Go directly south of the bug lair and up the mountain (50,88). You should find 2 Pterrordax there, kill them.

    A bit further to the west you should find another of those spots up the mountains with 4 or 5 Pterrordax there (44,87), kill them. Stay at this spot until you get your 10 Pterrodax kills, you can kill some bugs while waiting on respawns.

  9. Then get on your mount and ride to the expedition camp at (38,66), try to avoid the aggros as much as possible because most mobs are too tough for you here. At the expedition camp, look for a pile of crates named "Research Equipment" and loot them. Then go northwest, run away from any aggro if you have to, the lake is pretty safe so I suggest you just swim through it, going northwest until you reach the big rock on the other bank. Behind this rock you 'll find a little goblin named Krakle, get his quest quickly [55] Find the Source.

    (Quickly because a Devilsaur roams at this place every now and then. Sticking out tongue)

  10. Go directly west and a bit to the south and you will find the western crystal pylon (23,57). Click it and examine it.

    Ride northeast back to Marshall's Refuge and sell and repair.

    If you haven't finished [52] Muigin and Larion, go out and kill some more flowers until you complete it. Go to the area which is southeast of the black pools where we killed the Tar beasts. There are plenty there and they are the easiest flowers to kill (65,27).

    Also make a stop at the Northern Crystal Pylon (55,13) and kill the 2 Pterrordax there, you should have your 10 Pterrordax kills then.

  11. Then go back to Marshall's Refuge and turn in:

    1. [52] Alien Ecology
    2. [52] Muigin and Larion, Get the follow up [52] A Visit to Gregan
    3. [53] Expedition Salvation
    4. [53] The Eastern Pylon
    5. [53] The Northern Pylon
    6. [53] The Western Pylon, get the follow up quest [53] Making Sense of it from J.D. Collie. Turn it in. You can bank the book you get as reward from this quest (it tells you how to combine crystals at the various pylons for some consumable crystals with effects like heals or damage shields, but nothing so great, so just bank the book to have more bagspace).

    Get out of the cave and get the quest from Linken [52] It's a secret to everybody.

  12. Get on your mount and ride west along the mountain until you reach two stone pillars (29,22). From there, follow the path going up the mountain until you zone into Silithus, keep going west on the road until you reach Cenarion Hold. In Cenarion Hold find the Hippogryph Master, he's at the feet of the highest tower. Fly to Gadgetzan.

    In Gadgetzan, turn in [54] Super Sticky and [53] Bungle in the Jungle, don't get the follow up quest.

  13. Hearthstone to Darnassus, go to the Cenarion Enclave, behind the tower you should find Jenal. Turn in the quest [50] Un'Goro Soil.

    End of Un'goro circuit #1

    Note: This time no xp bonus at all, and the XP from turning in [50] Un'goro Soil is missing, because I went LD before using hearthstone, and managed to take the screenshot quick. So that's actually 41000 XP/ Hour, not too shabby!

    Go to the top of the Cenarion tower and get the quest [50] Morrowgrain Research from Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm. A floor below get the follow up from Mathrengyl Bearwalker.

    Search your inventory for something named "Evergreen Pouch". From now on, click it everytime the timer is ready, it will create an "Evergreen herb casing", open it and loot what's inside. It can be various herbs but sometimes it will be Morrowgrain, and that's what you need. You need 2 Ungoro Soil everytime you want to use the pouch, but you should still have about 20 left even after turning the quests.

    You will need a total of 20 Morrowgrain, which you might not get if you are unlucky with the evergreen pouch, however you will probably get 10 Morrowgrain at least, and that's what you'll need in short term, the other 10 morrowgrains are not so urgent, and we'll go back to Un'goro if you run out of Un'goro soils anyway. However once you got 20 Morrowgrain you can stop using the evergreen pouch. I personally sold the seeds and the un'goro soil I had left after obtained my 20 morrowgrain, and also destroyed the evergreen pouch, because I like having bag space Sticking out tongue. Don't stand still and do nothing while waiting on the pouch timer though, go on with the next part of the guide! You can click on the evergreen pouch every now and then everytime the cooldown is refreshed, until you get 20 Morrowgrain.

  14. Repair, sell, visit the auction house and resupply food/drink (4 stacks). Also go to your class trainer to get your lvl 52 skills. (Warlocks, Paladins and Mages will have to go to Ironforge).

    Go to Rut'Theran village and fly to Auberdine, then ride south following the road until you zone into Ashenvale.

    In Ashenvale keep following the road until you hit Astraanar (36,49)
    Make Astranaar your home location and get the new flight path.

    Then keep going east following the road until you zone into Azshara (92,46), it's a long ride.

    Right after entering Azshara you'll find Talrendis Point to the right (11,77). Get the new flight path. Get the two quests from the tauren named Loh'atu:

    [47] A Land Filled with Hatred
    [47] Spiritual Unrest

    Go north on the other side of the road to Shadowsong Shrine (13,74). Kill 6 Highborne Apparitions and 6 Highborne Lichling. There's more of them just a bit further to the northeast

  15. When done with that, go further to the northeast until Haldarr Encampment, kill satyrs there until you have [47] A Land Filled with Hatred complete.

  16. Go back to Talrendis Point and turn in the two quests. Then get back on the road and ride northeast. Go around the ruins of Eldarath by the west side of it and keep going northeast. Avoid the Timbermaw Furlbogs, don't kill any of them even if they attack you, just run away. Avoid the other timbermaw camp "ursolan", go around it by the east side and keep riding northeast until you get to sharp hill at (53,21), get to the top of it, you can only access it from the north. Uptop you'll find a goblin named Kim'jael. Get his quest [53] Kim'jael Indeed.

  17. Just southeast of Kim'jael you'll find Thalassian Base Camp (55,26).
    Start killing Blood Elves, a lot of blood elves. This is a good grinding spot, rarely occupied. The elves have low hit points and can drop runecloth, and they respawn fast!
    For those who aren't already level 53, I suggest you grind until you are level 53 and 4 bubbles of exp in (approximately 25000 XP). Read the Next paragraph though while you grind on those elves.

Level 53

  1. In the blood elf camp you'll find several crates named "Kim'Jael's Equipment" scattered around. Open them all, most of the time you'll find food in it, but 25% of the time you'll find Kim'Jael's compass, scope, etc. You'll get them by pair of 2. So basically you just need to find 2 "good" crates and you are done.

  2. Once you got the quest complete and have approximately 25000 xp in level 53, go back to Kim'Jael, turn in the quest, get the follow up [53] Kim'Jael's "Missing" Equipment.

    Ride southwest and find the path going down to the Shattered Strand (45,37), it's right next to Ursolan, southeast of it. You'll encounter some naga pretty soon, kill every naga on your way, go southwest, until you reach the Ruins of Eldarath by a path at (41,48).

    South of it, at (39,50) you'll find a Pillar named Rune of Jin'yael, clear the 2 ghosts guarding it and any naga close to it. Right click the pillar, it will use your drawing kit and you'll receive the Rubbing: Rune of Jin'yael.

  3. A bit further to the south, at the central point of the Ruisn of Eldarath you'll find the Rune of Beth'Amara (36,53). Right click it and get the rubbing.

    Just southeast of this spot is the Rune of Markri (39,55), get the rubbing.

    And the last one is much further to the south and a bit to the east, at (42,64) you'll find the Rune of Sael'hai.

    Grind your way through nagas back from where you came from until the path leading to the Shattered Strand at (45,47). Consider this as a mini grinding session, because these nagas go down easily and there is a lot of them = good grind spot.

    You should find "Some Rune" on one of the nagas on the shattered strand, keep killing Spitelash sirens and myrmidons until one drops "Some Rune".

    Find the slope taking you out of the Shattered Strand back on high ground at (46,39) and then ride northeast back to Kim'Jael, turn in the quest.

  4. Ride back to the Shattered strand by the same path (45,37). This time don't kill the nagas, just ride along the shore directly south, avoiding nagas as much as possible and keep going until you hit a spot where you can't go further without having to swim (58,73).
    Note: if you actually like this spot and feel like grinding, do so.

  5. Swim east and then south to the island marked on the map (77,91), just be careful to avoid the elite giants that walk at the bottom of the sea. Anything else you can handle.

    Get on the Helipad and use your Standard Issue Flare Gun from your inventory. After a few seconds a gyrocopter will land and Pilot Xiggs will come out, turn in the quest [52] Arcane Runes and get the follow up [52] Return to Tymor (don't worry there is still 7000 xp to come from turning that one, I didn't make you cross the ocean for peanuts Eye ) You can destroy the Flare Gun.

  6. Hearthstone to Astraanar, sell, repair and resupply food/drink up to 4 stacks.

    Ride to felwood this time! Follow the road east and then north at the fork.

    In Felwood, stay on the road until you see an elf to the right named Arathandris Silversky (54,86). Get the quest [55] Cleansing Felwood.

    Further along the road you'll find Emerald Sanctuary, left of the road you'll see a furlbog named Grazle (50,84), get the quest [48] Timbermaw Ally from him.

    In Emerald Sanctuary get [51] Forces of Jaedenar from Greta Mosshoofand [54] The Corruption of Jadefire from Eridan Bluewind.

    Also get the quest [54] Verifying the Corruption from Taronn Redfeather, don't get the other quest.

  7. Go southwest and you'll find Deadwood Village (49,88), start slaughtering Furlbogs. Keep doing that until you complete [48] Timbermaw Ally

    Go back to Grazle and turn in the quest, get the follow up [55] Speak to Nafien.

  8. Ride north following the road until (43,67), to the west should be a green pool, go there and kill Cursed Oozes. Each time you kill one, and after looting it, target the corpse and click on an Empty Cursed Ooze Jar from your inventory (you get these by opening the jar container you should have in your inventory).

    Fill up 6 Cursed Ooze Jar in the same fashion.

  9. Then get back on the road and ride north until (41,59), just a bit before Jaedenar, on the left side of the road is a small green pool with tainted oozes. Fill up 6 Tainted Ooze Jar. If you lack oozes there is more just on the other side of the path leading to Jaedenar. Then go to Jaedenar (40,57), clear yourself a path westwards through Jadefire Hounds, Guardians, Adepts and Cultists until you get to the green pool at (35,60), then go back out of Jaedenar and you should be done with [51] Forces of Jaedenar normally.

  10. When done with Forces of Jaedenar, get back on the road and ride south, back to Emerald Sanctuary.

    Get the follow up [52] Collection of the Corrupt Water from Greta Mosshoof.

    Ride north on the road until (42,69), which is just before the green pool where you killed the Cursed Oozes. Go west until you find Satyrs among the ruins (38,69). Kill whats on the kill list of [54] The Corruption of the Jadefire. Shadowstalkers are stealthed but you can see them from far enough. Work your way westwards through the satyrs until you reach a green moonwell. Xavathras should be to the left of it with a guard. I killed the weak guard first quickly and then killed Xavathras. Use long cooldown abilities if needed. Then get the last kills you need to complete the quest on your way out.

  11. When [54] The Corruption of the Jadefire is complete, get back on the road, go north and then west back into Jaedenar, once again clear the way up to the Green pool where you already went to when you did [51] Forces of Jaedenar.

    Get close to the moonwell and click the Empty Canteen you should find in your inventory.

    Get out of Jaedenar and ride back to Emerald Sanctuary. Turn in [52] Colleciton of the Corrupt Water and get the follow up [52] Seeking Spiritual Aid. Turn in [54] Corruption of the Jadefire and get [54] Further Corruption.

  12. Get back on the road, ride north and this time past bloodvenom falls. Shortly after the bridge go right into Shatter Scar Vale (39,44). Kill 2 Entropic Beasts, they are immune fire and deal fire damage. Walk around in the Shatter Scar Vale until you get the "Explore the craters" complete message. Further to the east and a bit to the north at the last crater you should find Entropic Horrors, they are just a bit higher level than the Entropic Beasts but still in your range. Kill two Entropic Horrors then get back on the road. If you don't find Entropic Horros, kill Entropic Beasts until Entropic Horros respawn instead.

  13. Ride north until the road curves to the right, just a bit further after the curve at (42,23), go north on a trail going up to Jadefire Run.

    In Jadefire Run clear yourself a path towards the west, and then take a narrow path towards the southwest.

    At the end of that path you'll find Xavaric (39,22), he is surrounded by 2 other satyrs and he moves from one to the other. You can actually pull each of the guards solo, if you wait for Xavaric to be away enough from one of them. Kill Xavaric, he's an easy fight if pulled solo.

    Loot the Flute of Xavaric and right click it to get the quest [54] Flute of Xavaric.

  14. Keep killing Satyrs in Jadefire run until you get 5 Jadefire Felbind (they can drop from any of the 3 types of satyrs in Jadefire run) and complete the kill list of [54] Further Corruption.

  15. Get back on the road and ride until Irontree Cavern as shown on map (55,15). Kill Warpwood Elementals until you get 15 Blood Amber, they always drop.

    Get back on the main road, go east and then south to Talonbranch Glade (62,24). Get the new flight path, sell and repair.

    Get back on the road and ride north until the entrance of Timbermaw Hold, talk to Nafien, turn in the quest. Get the other quest [55] Deadwood of the North.

    Go south on the road and at the first curve to the right make a u-turn, felpaw village should be right infront of you (63,14).

  16. Start killing Deadwood furlbogs until the kill list is complete, be careful with the Den Watchers, they call for help, fight them away from the others. Also check your reputation tab (press "U" key), you must be 150 reputation points away from "Unfriendly" before you go turn in the quest, so if you aren't, kill some more furlbogs. If you find a Deadwood Ritual Totem, don't click it, you can't do the quest yet, as you need to be neutral with the timbermaw furlbogs, and since we are short on quest log space, just keep the totem in your inventory for now.

  17. Go turn in the quest at Nafien, get the follow up [55] Speak to Salfa. You should now no longer be attacked on sight by the Timbermaw Furlbogs.
    Note: if you get 5 deadwood headdress feathers, turn them in at nafien as well, it's a repeatable quest for extra faction with the timbermaws. (You get +50 faction points per turn in)

  18. Go inside Timbermaw Hold, after the bridge keep going east. Right outside the tunnel to the right you'll find Salfa, turn in the quest, don't get the other quest.

    Ride south to Donova Snowden, turn in the quest [52] It's a Secret to Everybody, let her do her speech, and then get the follow up [52] The Videre Elixir, don't get the other quest.

    If you didn't go to Maraudon and/or if you don't have the quest [51] Seed of Life, use your hearthstone to Astraanar and skip the next paragraph.

  19. Go back to Timbermaw Hold, this time in the tunnels, go under the bridge and to the north, keep going until you exit in Moonglade. In Moonglade go north straight to the shrine of Remulos (36,42), turn in [51] Seed of Life at Keeper Remulos. Use your Hearhstone to Astraanar

  20. In Astraanar, take a flight to Auberdine, make Auberdine your home location and fly to Feathermoon in Feralas. 10 minute break while on the Hippogryph!

    In Feathermoon get the quest [50] Jonespyre's Request from the Innkeeper, then go talk to Quintis Jonespyre at the top of the tower east of the inn, get the follow up [50] The Mystery of Morrowgrain and turn it in, as you should have 10 Morrowgrains at least by now, even if you're not lucky.

  21. Sell/repair and resupply food/drink (up to 3 stacks). Take the boat to Feralas, then get on the road and ride north to the twin colossals, then go west to find Gregan Brewspewer, he's exactly under the "O" of the first o of the Twin Colossals.

    Turn in [52] A Visit to Gregan and get the follow up [52] Haze of Evil (Dungeon)

    Then buy a "bait" from Gregan (costs 20 silver)

  22. Get back on the road and ride north until you are east of the Ruins of Ravenwind. You should find Miblon Snarltooth left of the road infront of some small temple with no roof at (44,10). Place the bait on the floor infront of Miblon, the door behind him will open, quickly go and loot an evoroot. Now you should be level 54 or close. If you are not level 54, go west to the ruins of Ravenwind and grind on harpies until you ding. (Remember to keep the Vibram Plumes from those harpies for the darkmoon faire tickets)

Level 54

  1. Keep on grinding on those harpies until your hearthstone timer is almost reset (approximately 2 minutes).
    Go back to Gregan, turn in the quest to get your 3 Videre Elixir. Use your hearthstone back to Auberdine, then fly to Darnassus and turn in the quest [50] Morrowgrain at Arch Druid Staghelm if you got enough morrowgrain, if you got unlucky with combines and don't have enough morrowgrain and are out of Un'goro soils or Tharlendris seeds, go buy some extra seeds at the quest giver in the Cenarion Enclave (to be on the safe side, buy 3 Tharlendris seed per morrowgrain you still need), we will go back to Un'goro crater soon and you'll get the last un'goro soils you need there to complete this morrowgrain quest.
    Sell and repair, resupply food/drink (3 stacks), check the AH.

  2. Go get your new skills at your class trainer. Go to ironforge and turn in:

    [52] Return to Tymor (mystic ward)
    [52] A Little Slime goes a long way

    Get the follow up quest. [54] A Little Slime goes a long way.

    Go back to Auberdine (use hearthstone if it's up). Fly to Talonbranch Glade (Felwood).

    Go to Timbermaw Hold, exit into Winterspring.

    Start of xp rate winterspring --> Un'goro --> Ratchet

    Ride south to Donova Snowden, turn in [52] The Videre Elixir and get the follow up [52] Meet at the Grave. Ride back to Talonbranch Glade and fly to Ratchet.

  3. In Ratchet. Infront of a small house close to the docks you'll find Marvon's Chest (62,38), loot the "Stone Circle" from it. Inside the house get the quest [55] Volcanic Activity from Liv Rizzlefix.
    Make Ratchet your home location (yes, it's possible for alliance). From ratchet ride south along the merchant coast and go east to the Tidus Stair (65,43), right next to the ocean you should find Islen Waterseer next to a hut.

  4. Turn in [52] Seeking Spiritual Aid, watch her summon a water elemental spirit and then take her follow up [54] Cleansed Water Returns to Felwood.

    Get back on your mount and ride south along the merchant coast, past Northwatch Hold. Keep following the coast until you enter Dustwallow Marsh, then keep following the coast in Dreadmurk Shore until you arrive in Theramore Isle. Take a gryphon ride to Gadgetzan.

    In Gadgetzan, sell/sepair, resupply food/drink up to 4 stacks. Long session incoming. Get the mithril casing from the Gadgetzan bank, if you don't have it on you already.

  5. Go to the Gadgetzan grayveyard, just east of Gadgetzan (53,28). Drink the Videre Elixir, you'll die, but don't worry, no durability loss from this, it's normal. Release spirit but don't resurrect, go directly north from the Graveyard and up the mountain, you should soon see the yellow dot on your minimap, go to it and talk to Gaeriyan, turn in and get the follow up [52] A Grave Situation. Go back to the graveyard, resurrect and click the gravestone named "A Conspicuous Gravestone", complete the quest and get the follow up [52] Linken's Sword. You can destroy the other Videre Elixir.

  6. Get back on your mount and ride directly south to Marvon Rivetseeker at the Broken Pillar (52,45), turn in [51] The Stone Circle, get his 2 follow up:

    [51] Into the Depths
    [52] Secret of the Circle

    Ride west/southwest until the entrance to Un'Goro. (27,57)

    Down the slope in Un'Goro talk to Torwa Pathfinder (71,76). Get the 2 quests from him:

    [55] The Mighty U'Cha and
    [56] The Bait for Lar'Korwi

    If you don't have enough space in your quest log (because of a class quest you don't want to abandon for example), abandon [50] Into the Temple of Atal'Hakkar, you can get it back easily in Stormwind later on before going to Sunken Temple.

  7. Ride north until the eastern crystal pylon, go up the trail and further east and you should see some huge dinosaur skeletons at (80,49). Be full health/mana and ready to face a level 56 mob. Open Torwa's pouch in your inventory, loot the Preserved Threshadon Meat and the Pheromone Mixture, right click the meat, and then right click the Pheromone, Lar'korwi will appear, kill him. He's rather easy, I had no problem to solo it at all at level 54. Loot Lar'korwi's Head..

  8. Ride north/northwest to Fungal Rock (63,16). Enter the cave, at the fork take the narrow path in the middle, then go right and keep going until you hit the end of the cave. Just be very careful where you fight the Un'Goro Gorilla, they call for help.

    At the end of the cave in a room with a puddle of water and a rock in the middle you'll find U'cha, lvl 55 Gorilla. There's another gorilla in the same room but you can pull it solo if you wait for U'cha to be away. Then pull U'cha solo, kill it and loot his pelt.

  9. Clear the way out of the cave, then kill all the apes outside the cave, make a clear path because you are gonna escort A-Me 01 out of this cave soon.
    Once there's no ape left outside the cave, go back in and go right at the fork this time. After 2 or 3 more apes you'll find A-Me 01. Turn in the quest, get the follow up, turn it in (since you already have the mithril casing), then get the next follow up, [53] Chasing A-me 01. This will start the escort quest, once again the golden rule of escort quests, let A-me 01 infront, let her get hit first and then get the mobs off her. Escort her until Karna Remtravel and turn in the quest.

  10. Go up to Marshal's Refuge, turn in the quest [52] Linken's Sword, get the follow up [52] A Gnome's Assistance, go talk to J.D. Collie inside the crystal cave, turn in the quest, watch her do her speech and get the follow up [54] Linken's Memory. Get out of the cave and get the quest [55] Lost! from Spraggle Frock. Sell and repair.

    Go southwest until you hit the river (40,27). On the southern side of the river you'll find plenty of Dinos and some Oozes.

    In this area, kill every Frenzied Pterrordax, Elder Diametradon and Ooze you find. Open the "bag of empty ooze containers" from your inventory and put the 10 "Empty Pure Sample" Jar on a hotkey. Everytime you kill an ooze, loot it and then target the corpse and click the Jars to fill them up. You can stop killing Oozes once you got 10 Pure samples.

    Keep doing this until you complete:

    [51] Shizzle's Flyer
    [51] Roll the Bones
    (they drop from the Elder Diametradons approximately 25% drop chance)
    [55] Beware of Pterrordax
    [54] A Little Slime Goes a Long Way

    This might take a while but this is decent grinding since there's quite a lot of mobs, and you are completing 4 quests at the same time.

    Warning: Be careful, 2 devilsaurs roam this area from time to time.

  11. When you are done with these 4 quests, go southeast to Fire Plume Ridge, climb the mountain from the southern side in the middle (49,53). Find your way to the top of Fire plume ridge, you'll have to do almost a full circle around it for that, ignore the cave with Ringo for now. Kill every fire elemental on your way and you should get the 9 Un'Goro Ash you need.

    When at the top of Fire Plume Ridge, next to the lava pool you should see a conic stone named "Fire Plume Ridge Hot Spot". Search your inventory for Krakle's Thermometer, right click it next to the conic stone, this should complete the quest [55] Finding the Source. Don't get too close to the cave at the top, there's a lvl 56 Elite elemental there, avoid it.

  12. If you got 9 Un'Goro Ash already no need to kill more elementals, just get off fire plume ridge from the west side and ride west until Golakka hotsprings and find Krakle behind the geyser hill (30,50). Turn in the quest and get the follow up [55] The New Springs.

    Ride east/southeast to Torwa Pathfinder (71,76). Turn in the 2 quests:

    [55] The Mighty U'cha
    [56] The Bait for Lar'korwi

  13. Go northwest to Fire Plume Ridge (yes, again!). Climb on it from the southern side in the middle (49,53) then go a bit east to reach the cave where Ringo is (52,51). Turn in the quest [55] Lost! and get the follow up [55] A Little Help from My friends. Search your inventory for Spraggle's Canteen and put it on a hotkey. Everytime Ringo faints, click the canteen while being next to him. Get off the mountain by the eastern side, then go north, run to Marshall's Refuge while making sure Ringo always follows you, try to avoid mobs as much as possible. Run inside Marshal's Refuge until Spraggle Frock, you'll get the quest complete message.

  14. Time to turn in some quests!

    [55] Beware of Pterrordax
    [55] A Little Help from my Friends
    [51] Roll the Bones
    [51] Shizzle's Flyer

    Finally some space in the quest log! Let's hope blizzard extends it to 25 someday Sticking out tongue

    Hearthstone to Ratchet, turn in [55] Volcanic Activity at Liv Rizzlefix, in the house just down of the inn.

    End of xp rate winterspring --> Un'goro --> Ratchet

    Note: This XP rate was just to show that with a proper quest path, you get great results even though there was a lot of travelling. This was done without any XP bonus.

    Take the boat to Booty Bay, then fly to Stormwind.

  15. Now you have two options:

    1. 1. Get a 5 man group together and go to Sunken Temple, which I highly recommmend because we got all the quests already, just have to pick [50] Into the Temple of Atal'hakkar from Brohann Caskbelly in Stormwind's dwarven district and [53] Jammalan the Prophet in Hinterlands from the Exile or ask someone to share it. These quests will give a huge XP boost and the rewards are nice as well.

    2. 2. You don't want to do Sunken Temple, then I suggest you go grind in Azshara at the Blood Elf camp or on the Nagas on the Shattered Strands, OR kill deadwood Furlbogs in Northern Felwood to get neutral faction with the Timbermaw Tribe and being able to turn in the totem quest.

  16. Before going to Sunken Temple, bind in Stormwind, then make sure you have the 6 quests:

    [50] Into the Temple of Atal'Hakkar
    [51] Into the Depths
    [51] Secret of the Circle
    [52] Haze of Evil
    [53] Jammal'an the Prophet
    [53] The God Hakkar

    Follow my Guide to Sunken Temple.

  1. For those who don't do Sunken Temple, you will have to grind about 80000-90000XP. That's approximately half a level. However there's plenty of good spots to grind at this level, and for good reasons: Harpies for your Darkmoon Epic Necklace or Deadwood Furlbogs for your Timbermaw faction.
  2. When you are done with Sunken Temple, turn in all the quests besides [52] Haze of Evil, we will go turn in it in the guide later. Also turn in the quest A Little Slime Goes a long Way when you pass by Ironforge.
    [53] Jammal'an the Prophet can be turned in Hinterlands at the Atal'ai Exile in Shadra 'Alor (35,73). You should have already leveled up inside the temple, if not, you'll get to level 55 from turning in the quests.

Level 55

  1. Sell and repair, resupply food/drink up to 4 stacks.

    Take the boat from Menethil Harbor to Auberdine, then fly to Rut'theran village, get the quest [55] Moontouched Wildkin. Go to Darnassus and make it your home location. For those who didn't turn in [50] Morrowgrain yet, go turn it in in Darnassus at the Cenarion Enclave.

    Fly to Auberdine then to Astranaar. Ride to Felwood.

  2. Start of circuit Felwood --> Everlook:

    In Felwood just off the road to the right, turn in the quest [55] Cleansing Felwood at Arathandris Silversky (54,86). Talk to her and ask her for a Cenarion beacon. From now on when you kill stuff in Felwood you can get Corrupted Soul shards, which you will turn in later for cenarion plant salves. With those salves you can cure corrupted plants in felwood and get consumables in return.

  3. Go further north to Emerald Sanctuary (51,82), turn in [54] Cleansed Water Returns to Felwood, get the follow up [55] Dousing the flames of Protection.

    Turn in [54] Flute of Xavaric, get the follow up [54] Felbound Ancients.
    Turn in [54] Further Corruption and [54] Linken's Memory, get the follow up [54] Silver heart.
    Turn in [54] Verifying the Corruption.

  4. Ride north along the road until (44,76), you'll see bears and wolves to the east, from this spot, kill all bears and wolves you find while going north, until you have 11 Silvery Claws.

    Get back on the road, ride to Jaedenar (40,57). in Jaedenar clear the way westwards until the green pool you already went to before to fill up the vial. Enter Shadow Hold (35,58).

    At this point if you can find people to group it will be much easier. Dousing the Flames of Protection is doable solo (but kinda hard), on the other hand there's an escort quest which is almost impossible solo, at least for most classes. It also depends on how crowded the area is, if there's lots of people farming in the shadow hold already, it's doable solo.

    Clear your way down the first tunnel, in the first room you'll find a captured elve named Arko'narin. This is the NPC that gives the escort quest, but to get it you first need to find a Blood Red Key from one of the mobs inside Shadow Hold, click it and get the quest [55] A Stranged Red Key. You have to turn this quest at Captured Arko'narin later. The follow up will be the escort quest.

  5. In the same room you can find the 1st and 2nd brazier (the 2nd one is on the slope going to the next tunnel), click them to turn them off.

  6. If you are in a group (at least a duo of lvl 55 people), and get a Blood Red Key (the whole group can loot it if it drops), tell everyone to turn in the first quest at the captured elf. When everyone has turned in the first quest [55] A Stranged Red Key, one person should start the follow up, which is the escort quest.
    Note: You have to click on the elf through the cage. Some people try to click the cage itself, but that doesn't work.

  7. Escort Arko'Narin to her equipment, then escort her out, things can get rough at times because she engages 2 or 3 lvl 55 mobs a the same time and is fragile until she has her equipment on. In the same room where her equipment is you'll find the 3rd and 4th Brazier, turn them off too. At the exit a 53 Elite mob will attack you.

    Defeat it and then Arko'narin will leave and you'll get the quest complete message.

    If you don't find anyone to group with, just don't do the escort quest, clear your way inside the Shadow Hold and turn off the 4 brazier.

  8. Once done with that, get back on the main road and follow it until Irontree Woods (45,23). Kill Irontree Stompers and Wanderers until one drops an Irontree Heart.

    Get back on the road follow it until Talonbranch Glade, sell and repair then go to Timbermaw Hold. In Timbermaw go to the winterspring exit.

    Right outside of Timbermaw Hold get the quest [58] Winterfall Activity from Salfa.

  9. Ride south to Donova Snowden, turn in [55] The New Springs, get the follow up [56] Strange Sources.
    Also get the other quest [56] Threat of the Winterfall.

    From now on, throughout winterspring look for big white/blue feathers on the floor named "Moontouched Feather", you need 10 of these.

  10. Ride east to Timbermaw Post (39,44). Kill 8 Winterfall Pathfinder, Den Watcher and Totemic there. If you find a Winterfall Ritual Totem, don't click it to get the quest unless you are neutral with the Timbermaws already (you need neutral to be able to turn in this quest in Timbermaw Hold)

    Keep killing these Furlbogs until you also get a Empty Firewater Flask, click it and get the quest [56] Winterfall Firewater.

  11. Get back on the road and ride east until a crossroad (53,34). Go north to Starfall Village (51,30). Get the quest [56] Starfall. Talk to Jaron Stoneshaper, turn in the quest [56] The Ruins of Kel'Theril and get the follow up [56] Troubled Spirits of Kel Theril. Also get [59] Enraged Wildkin.

    Get back on the road, go south to the crossroads, when you are there go southeast this time until everlook.

    End of circuit Felwood --> Everlook:

    Note: I had XP Bonus during 90% of that one. So that's about 35000 XP / Hour.

  12. In Everlook get [56] Are We There, Yeti? from Umi Rumplsnicker.

    In the Inn, get the quests:

    [52] Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff
    [52] The Everlook Report
    [55] Sister Pamela

    You can put in bank "The Everlook Report" and "Studies in Spirit Speaking". I'll say when to get them back from the bank later in the chapter.
    Sell and repair, resupply food and drink (4 stacks), get the flight path (it's on the eastern side of Everlook.)

  13. Go west to the Lake of Kel'Theril. Look around for blue runes amidst the floor named "Highborne Relic Fragment". Watch out before you pick any of them though, be full health/mana, because 2 lvl 55 spawn and attack you each time you click one. You can either kill them or run away.

    1. The 1st Relic fragment is at (55,43)
    2. The 3rd is just west of it at (53,43)
    3. The 4th one is directly north of the 3rd at (52,41)
    4. The 2nd one is west of the 4th one at (51,41)

  14. Ride west back to Donova Snowden (31,44) and get as much Moontouched Feather as possible on the way.

    Turn in [56] Threat of the Winterfall and [56] Winterfall Firewater, get the follow up [56] Falling to Corruption.

    Ride north, back to Timbermaw Hold, go through it to Felwood. As soon as you exit in Felwood, jump down west in Felpaw Village. Clear yourself a path to the camp which is on the upper level of Felpaw Village, northwest of the green pool.

  15. Clear the camp (which might be hard, so use everything you got if needed) and you should find a "Deadwood Cauldron" (60,5). Click it, turn in the quest and get the follow up [56] Mystery Goo.

  16. Go back to Winterspring through Timbermaw Hold. Go back to Donova Snowden, turn in [56] Mystery Goo and get the follow up [56] Toxic Horrors.

    Now if you haven't gathered your 10 Moontouched Feathers yet, go do it, then Hearhstone to Darnassus.

    In Darnassus go to the Temple of the Moon and fill up Eridan's Vial in the pool. Go to the bank and put the 4 relic fragments there, as we won't be needing them for a while. You can destroy Jaron's Pick too.

  17. Go out of Darnassus to Rut'theran Village and turn in [55] Moontouched Wildkin. Get the follow up [57] Find Ranshalla.

    You should be 56 by now, so go get your new skills. If you aren't 56 yet it's not a problem, we'll be back in town in a few.

Level 56