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This is still the first version which may contain some errors or inconsistancies. Please report them in the comments so I will be able to fix it. Also suggestions to add quests I may have missed are welcome.

To begin, it is expected that you have done the Deadmines and are in possession of the Unsent Letter which VanCleef drops, or have one of the follow up quests in your log. If you don't have it, you're going to miss a lot of xp and one of the best rings you can get at low level, so do the Deadmines first if you don't have it. Also, if you have quested in Darkshore, it is expected that you have the quest “The tower of Althalaxx” where you are required to deliver a letter to Delgren. If you don't have this quest, don't worry too much about it, it's completely optional.

Items needed:
1 Bronze Tube
4 Minor Mana Potions
2 Elixirs of Minor Fortitude
Buy these from the AH or make them as soon as possible.

This guide starts in Auberdine, if you're there already make it your home. If you're on the eastern continent, this means you have to travel through the Wetlands and take the boat there. Feel free to take the quest “The Algaz Gauntlet” in north Loch Modan and the quest “Daily Delivery” while going there, but we'll deal with those later. Also, if you're on the eastern continent, make Menethil harbour your home instead of Auberdine.


Optional: In Auberdine get the quest “Trek to Ashenvale” from Sentinel Selarin. She's only around when someone completes "A Lost Master", so just skip it if you can't find her. It's just a nice bonus when you're traveling to Ashenvale, but it is not required.

Travel south the grove of the ancients and get the quest “The Sleeper Has Awakened” from Kerlonian Evershade at 44,76. If he's not there it probably means someone else is doing this quest, you can either skip it or wait for hin to respawn. Get the horn from the chest and get back to the road and continue south. Whenever Kerlonian falls asleep, use the horn to wake him. As soon as he says anything else besides that's he's sleepy, it means some enemies are coming. If you run north immediately, you can avoid fighting them all at once, but if you can't avoid the fight be sure you both survive. If you fail this quest it's probably going to take longer for him to respawn than it's worth, so just abandon it and move on.

Ashenvale – run 1

At Maestra's post, hand in “The Sleeper Has Awakened” and “The Tower of Althalaxx” (optional if you quested in Darkshore before) and get the follow up. Get the quest “Barthran's Hair. Go north to Barthran's Haunt and get 5 of these from the ground. On your way back, visit the Ruins of Ordil'Aran and get a Glowing Soul Gem. Head back and turn the quests in, get the follow ups “Orendil's Cure” and “The Tower of Althalaxx”. Go south to Astranaar, get the flight path and the quests:

Elune's Tear at 37, 51 (follow up from Orendil's Cure)
The Zoram Strand at 34, 48
Raene's Cleansing, from the lady with the tiger and wolf named Raene
On Guard in Stonetalon at 34, 39
Journey to Stonetalon Peak

Go to the Zoram strand and get the quest “The Ancient Statue” from Talen at 14,31. Go north and kill naga and get the statue at 14,20. After getting enough heads, go back to Talen and hand the quest in, do not get the follow up. Go to Lake Falathim west of Astranaar and get the gem and journal from Teronis' body. Head back to Astranaar and hand in “Raene's Cleansing”, get the follow up, hand in “The Zoram Strand” and get the follow up “Pridewings of Stonetalon”. Go east to Iris lake and get Elune's tear. Head back to the road and follow the instructions given in the quest log to find Shael'dryn at his moonwell. Hand in Raene's Cleansing and get the follow up. Now go south towards Talondeep Path located at 42,72. Go through the tunnel and you'll arrive in Stonetalon Mountains.

Stonetalong Mountains - run 1

You will start in Windshear Crag, head southwest until and get the quest “Super Reaper 6000” from Ziz Fizziks at 58,62. Head southwest to 59,66 and hand in “On Guard in Stonetalon” and get the follow up. Immediately hand it in and get the follow up “A Gnome's Respite” from Gaxim Rustfizzle. Go back northwest and kill the required Venture Co. members and get the blueprints. Hand in the blueprints, don't get the follow up. Hand in “A Gnome's Respite” and get the follow ups “An Old Colleague” and “A Scroll from Mauren”. A human not hard to miss in Stormwind, yeah right.

Head north until you come across a small lake. Kill the pridewings here until you have enough poison. Head further north until you arrive at Stonetalon Peak. Hand in the quest “Journey to Stonetalon Peak”, do not get the follow up. Fly back to Astranaar and hand in “Elune's Tear” and “Pridewings of Stonetalon”, don't get the follow ups. You should be level 22 right now. Before you use your hearthstone, you may want to visit Darnassus or The Exodar for some training. Use your hearthstone, if this was Auberdine, take the boat to Menethil harbour, otherwise you should be there already now.

Wetlands – run 1

In Menethil gather the quests:
The Greenwarden
Claws from the deep
Young Crocolisk Skins (If you had “Daily Delivery” you have to hand it in first, this is an optional pre-quest)
Digging Through the Ooze
In Search of the Excavation Team (on the bridge just outside town)

During this run, kill and young crocolisk you see if you don't have enough skins yet, there are some near town but even more in the center/southern parts of the wetlands. Out of town, head north and kill the required murlocs, including Gobbler. Get back on the road and travel east. Along the path, get the quest “Daily Delivery” if you did not get it earlier. Head towards 56,40 and hand in “The Greenwarden”, get the follow up “Tramping Paws”. Head south towards Dun Algaz, killing some gnolls along the way and travel through it. At Loch Modan get the quest “The Algaz Gauntlet”. If you do not have the flight path in Loch Modan yet, travel south to Thelsamar to get it. Go back to the wetlands and kill the required orcs along the way.

Back in Wetlands kill the remaining gnolls for “Tramping Paws”, hand it in and get the follow up “Fire Taboo”. Head west and kill more gnolls for this quest. While doing so, kill oozes north of you for the quest “ Digging Through the Ooze”. Head back to the greenwarden and hand in the quest. Get the follow up “Blisters on The Land”. We're going to do this quest during our next run, but if you encounter a Fen Creeper already, feel free to kill it.

Head towards Whelgar's Excavation site at 38,52 and hand in “In Search of The Excavation Team” and get the follow up. Also get the quest “Ormer's Revenge”. Head back towards Menethil and kill the raptors along the way. Keep grinding until you're 10k xp away from level 24. Back in town hand in everything you have completed except “Ormer's Revenge” which we will hand in during the next run. Don't get any follow up yet, we also get them the next run.

Ironforge and Stormwind

Fly to Ironforge. Get the 1 Bronze Tube, 4 Minor Mana Potions and 2 Elixirs of Minor Fortitude from the bank if you stored them there, or buy them now from the AH. Go to Tinker Town, hand in “A Gnome's Respite”, get the follow up, hand it in immediately and get the next follow up “Ineptitude + Chemicals = Fun”. From Gnoarn get the quest ”Shoni the Shilent”. Take the deeprun tram to Stormwind and once there hand in “Shoni the Shilent”. Don't get the follow up. Read the letter you got from VanCleef and hand in that quest in Cathedral's Square, get the follow up "Bazil Thredd". Go to the stockades and hand it in, don't get the follow up yet, we'll do it later. Head towards the mage quarter and hand in the quest “A Scroll from Mauren”, get the follow up “Devils in Westfall”. Buy Stormwind Seasoning Herbs from Felicia Gump, the herbalism supplier, located at 64, 60.

Head to Darkshire in Duskwood. You can get there by following the road east inside Elwynn Forest and then head south at the eastern side of Elwynn, approximately after crossing the bridge.

Duskwood – run 1a

Duskwood has several long quests chain that require some traveling, which imo belong to the best quests in the game. Each undead or humanoid here has a chance to drop an old history book which starts a quest. If it drops, keep it with you until the point where you can hand it in immediately. In Darkshire get the flight path and the quests:

Deliveries to Sven
Raven Hill
The Hermit
The Legend of Stalvan
The Night Watch
The Totem of Infliction
Seasoned Wolf Kabobs (this quest may require a cooking skill greater than 1, some confirmation is needed)
Look To The Stars, hand it in immediately and get the follow up.

Make Darkshire your home town. We'll begin with “The Legend of Stalvan”. Speak to Clerk Daltry and get the follow up. Fly to Sentinell Hill in Westfall. Head a bit southwest until you're on the same height as the small lake on the map. From here go west. You should encounter some dust devils here for the quest “Devils in Westfall”, if not, try asking in the general channel if someone has seen one. Head to Moonbrook and get the follow up from “The Legend of Stalvan”, it can be found in the building that looks like a city hall. From here, head back towards Duskwood, the northwest corner to be exact.

Hand in “Deliveries to Sven” and get the quests “Sven's Revenge” and “Wolves at our Heals”. Head south and kill wolves and spiders along the way. Make sure you get at least 6 Gooey Spider Legs, don't worry about killing enough wolves yet. At the road, head northeast towards Raven Hill and hand in the quest “Raven Hill”, get the follow up “Jitters' Growling Gut”. Head further north, at the east side of the huge cemetery and find Abercrombie in his hut. Hand in “The Hermit and get the follow up “Supplies from Darkshire”. Go back south to the road and head east. At the splitting, get the quest “Eight-Legged Menaces”. Head south a bit on the road, then just north of the mountains head east. Look for a mound of dirt at 50, 78 complete “Sven's Revenge and get “Sven's Camp”. Hearthstone to Darkshire.

Duskwood – run 1b

Hand in “Supplies from Darkshire” and get the follow up “Ghost Hair Thread”. Hand in “The Legend of Stalvan” at clark Daltry and get the follow up. Go to the inn and hand in “Jitters' Growling Gut”, get the follow up and hand it in immediately, then get the next follow up “Return to Jitters”. If you have 10 Lean Wolf Flanks already, hand in “Seasoned Wolf Kabobs”. Sell and repair. Fly to Stormwind, and head south to Goldshire. Hand in “The Legend of Stalvan”, get the follow up. Get the letter from updtairs and head back to Stormwind. Inside Stormwind, hand in “Devils in Westfall”, get the follow up “Special Delivery for Gaxim”. Also get “Retrieval for Mauren”. Hand in “The Legend of Stalvan” (west side of the city), get the follow up. Open the crate and get the Torn Journal Page. For the time being, this is as far as we go with this quest line, but we'll complete it later. Go back to Sven in NW Duskwood, it may be fastest to take the flight path to Sentinel Hill first.

Around Sven, kill wolves until you complete “Wolves at our heals”. Hand it in together with “Sven's Camp” and get the follow up “The Shadowy Figure”. Head south, killing spiders and wolves until you complete “Eight-Legged Menace” and “Seasoned Wolf Kabobs” if you have not done that already. Go to Jitters at Raven Hill and hand in “Return to Jitters”. Go to the splitting in the road and hand in “Eight-Legged Menaces”. Head east, then go to Blind Mary just south of town. Hand in “Look to the Stars”, get the follow up, hand in “Ghost Hair Thread”, get the follow up “Return the Comb”. Head south towards the cemetary and kill skeletons until you complete “The Night Watch”. Go into the small building and loot Mary's Looking Glass from an Insane Ghoul. Go back to town.

In town, hand in “Look to the Stars”, get the follow up. Hand in “The Night Watch”, get the follow up. Hand in “Return the Comb”, get the follow up “Deliver the Thread”. Hand in “The Shadowy Figure”, continue this quest line with “The Shadowy Search Continues”, “Inquire at the Inn” and “Finding the Shadowy Figure”. If you have not done it earlier, hand in “Seasoned Wolf Kabobs” now. Get the quest “Crime and Punishment”. Travel north to the lumber mill in Elwynn forest and hand in “The Legend of Stalvan”. Get the Faded Journal Page upstairs and hand it in, get the follow up (again.....). Head east towards Lakeshire, get the quest “What Comes Around...”.

Stonetalon – Run 2

Time to travel. Go to Menethil and take the first ship to Auberdine. Then fly to Stonetalon Peak. Get the quest “Reclaiming the charred Vale”. Head south towards Gaxim and hand in “Ineptitude + Chemicals = Fun” and Special Delivery for Gaxim”. Get the both “Covert Ops” quests. Head east into Windshear Crag. The materials you just received are just decoys and not essential for the quests. Complete both quests (Beta is more south than east) and hand them in, get the follow up “Kaela's Update”. Hand it in and get the quests “Enraged Spirits” and “Wounded Ancients”. Go to the Charred Vale in the southwestern part, to get there, head west at the small lake north of you. Inside the charred vale start grinding until you complete “Retrieval for Mauren”, “Reclaiming the Charred Vale”, “Enraged Spirits” and “Wounded Ancients”. While grinding, head south into Desolace and get the flight path at Nijel's Point, then continue grinding. Once done, head back to Kaela and hand in the two quests, get the follow up “Update for Sentinel Thenysil”. Go back north and hand in “Reclaiming the charred Vale”, get the follow up. We won't complete it in this guide, but you can hand it in at one of the first places while you're following Jame's level 30-40 guide. Fly to Astranaar.

Ashenvale – Run 2

In Astranaar, hand in “Update for Sentinel Thenysil”, get the follow up. Get the quests:

“An Aggressive Defense”
“Culling the Threat”
“The Ruins of Stardust”

Go north and complete “Culling the Threat”, go back and hand it in. Optional: if you have “The Tower of Althalaxx”, head southwest to Fire Scar Shrine and complete it, if you don't, you won't miss that much. Go south of Astranaar to the Ruins of Stardust and get the required stardust. Head east and kill furbolgs until you complete “An aggressive Defense”. Head towards the Mystral Lake south of the furbolgs and get the quest “Elemental Bracers”, complete it and hand it in, don't get the follow up. Head north towards The Howling Vale (near Felwood) and get the wooden key required for “Raena's Cleansing”. Go back to Shaeldryn (You have to go through Raynewood Retreat, there's no shortcut) and hand in “Raena's Cleansing”, don't get the follow up. Go back to Astranaar and hand in “An aggressive Defense” and “The Ruins of Stardust”, don't get any follow up. Optional: go to Maestra's post and hand in “The Tower of Althalaxx”, don't get the follow up. You should be level 26 by now. If you trainer is not present at Darnassus, abandon "Reception from Tyrande" and go to The Exodar for training. Otherwise, go to Darnassus, train and hand in "Reception from Tyrande".
Hearthstone back to Darkshire.

Duskwood – Run 2

Get the quest “Worgen in the Woods”. Continue the quest line “The Legend of Stalvan” in town as far as you can until you get the follow up where you have to kill Mistmantle. Fly to Sentinel Hill and head east from there towards Raven Hill. Hand in “Finding The Shadowy Figure” and get the follow up “Return to Sven”, travel to Abercrombie and hand in “Deliver the thread”, get the follow up “Zombie Juice”. Gead west to Sven, hand in “Return to Sven” and get the follow up “Proving Your Worth”. Go west to Sentinel Hill and fly to Darkshire. Hand in “Zombie Juice” and get the follow up “Gather Rot Blossom”. Head to the huge cemetery north of Raven Hill and kill skeletons until you complete “The Night Watch”, “Gather Rot Blossoms” and “Proving Your Worth”, then head back to Sven, get the follow up “Seeking Wisdom”. Hearthstone back to town, hand in “The Night Watch”, get the follow up. Hand in “Gather Rot Blossoms”, get the follow up “Juice Delivery”. Fly to Stormwind.


In Stormwind, start looking for a group to go to the Stockades. While doing this, get the quest “The Color of Blood” in the old town. Hand in “Delivery for Mauren”. In the non instanced part of the Stockades, get the quests “Bazil Thredd” (This quest requires you to have killed VanCleef in the Deadmines and handed in the letter from his corpse), hand it in and get the follow up “The Stockade Riots”. Also get “Quell the Uprising”. Continue looking for a group if needed and then complete all 5 quests inside the instance.


Once you're done, hand in “Quell the Uprising” and “The Stockade Riots”, get the follow up “The Curious Visitor”. Go to the cathedral and hand in “Seeking Wisdom”, get the follow up “The Doomed Fleet”. Also get the quest “Speaking of Fortitude”. Hand in “The Curious Visitor” and get the follow up “Shadow of the Past”. Go to the Old Town and hand in “The Color of Blood”. Continue to Mathias Shaw, hand in “Shadow of the Past” and get the follow up “Look to an old Friend”. Go to Elling Trias and hand it in, get the follow up “Infiltrating the Castle”. Inside Stormwind keep, hand it in and get the quest “Items of Some Consequence”. Inside the library hand in “Speaking of Fortitude” and get the follow up “Brother Paxton”. If you found the book I mentioned earlier in Duskwood, read it to get the quest “An Old History Book”, hand it in and get the follow up “Southshore”. We will also not complete this quest in this guide, but if you follow Jame's level 30-41 guide you will be able to complete it during your mid 30s. Go to the auction house and buy the required silk.

Just outside Stormwind, get the apples, then continue east towards Northshire Abbey. Hand in “Brother Paxton” and get the follow up “Ink Supplies”. Hearthstone to Darkshire, hand in “Crime and Punishment”, fly to Redridge and hand in “What Comes Around...” and “Ink Supplies”, don't get the follow up. Fly back to Stormwind. Hand in “Items of Some Consequence”, get the follow up “The Attack!”. Complete it and get the follow up “The Head of the Beast” from Elling Trias (if it's too hard ask a high level in the War Room who is waiting for a BG to join and try again). Head back to Mathias Shaw and hand it in, get the follow up “Brotherhood's End”. Talk to Baros Alexston and get the follow up “An Audience with the King”. Complete this quest chain and get one of the best rings you can get for a long time to come. (Note, although you can start this quest chain from the letter which VanCleef drops, the Defias Brotherhood quest chain you probably did during your teens is part of the same quest chain, making this the longest, and one of the best, quest chains in the entire game). Make Stormwind your home and fly to Menethil Harbour in the Wetlands.

Wetlands – Run 2

Hand in “The Doomed Fleet” and get the follow up “Lightforge Iron”. Get the quest “The Third Fleet”, buy the Flagon of Mead inside and hand it in, get the follow up “The Cursed Crew”. Get the quest “Report to Captain Stoutfist”, hand it in and get the follow up “War Banners”. Also get the quest “Apprentice Duties”, Reclaiming Goods” and “Fall of Dun Modr”. Swim south to a shipwreck and complete “Lightforge Iron”, get the follow up “The Lost Ingots”. Kill murlocs until you have all the ingots needed. Hand it in and get the follow up “Blessed Arm”.

Head north into the murloc camps we were in during our first run. At 13,41 complete “Reclaiming Goods” and get the follow up “The Search Continues”. At 13,38 get the follow up Search More Hovels”. At 14,35 get the follow up “Return the Statuette”. Go north towards the two shipwrecks and kill Sailors, Marines and Snellig for “The Cursed Crew”. Directly east on the land is a good spot to find the crocolisks required for “Apprentice Duties”. Continue heading east through the swampy waters killing Fen Creepers along the way. When you cross the road heading north, follow it a bit and complete “Fall of Dun Modr at 49, 18. Don't get the follow up. Kill the last few Fen Creepers needed and hand in the quest “Blisters on the Land”. Head southwest and kill Dragonmaw orcs until you have eight War Banners. Head a bit further west and hand in “Ormer's Revenge”, which has been in your quest log for a very long time now. Get the follow up, and also get the quest “Uncovering the Past”. Head down into the excavation area and complete both quests. Hand them in and get the last part of “Ormer's Revenge”. Sarltooth is roughly at 32,51, kill him and hand in the quest”. Head back to Menethil and hand in everything you have, don't get any follow up. Hearthstone to Stormwind.


At the Cathedral district get the quest “The Missing Diplomat”. Hand it in and get the follow up. Inside the Dwarven District hand in “Blessed Arm” and get the follow up “Armed and Ready”. Get the quest “Gyrodrillmatic Excavationators” from Shoni the Shilent. Near the small lake when you jump down near the flight path you will find Jorgen. Hand in “The Missing Diplomat” and get the follow up. Head back into Stormwind to Elling Trias and get the follow up. Fly to Darkshire.

Duskwood – run 3a

Just north of Darkshire, find Backus and hand in “The Missing Diplomat”, get the follow up. While you're north, kill Mistmantle, his house is east of the road. Southwest of town at The Rotting Orchard kill enough Nightbane Shadow Weavers until you complete “Worgen in the Woods”. Go to Abercrombie and hand in “Juice Delivery” and get the follow up “Ghoulish Effigy” Head west towards the huge cemetery. Enter the eastern catacomb and kill zombies until you complete “Ghoulish Effigy”, “The Totem of Infliction” and “The Night Watch”. Hand in “Ghoulish Effigy and get the follow up “Ogre Thieves”. Then head west to Sven and hand in “Armed and Ready”, get the follow up “Morbent Fel”. Head west towards Sentinel Hill and fly back to Darkshire. Hand in “Worgen in the Woods”, get the follow up. Hand in “The Night Watch”, “The Legend of Stalvan” and “The Totem of Infliction”.

Duskwood – run 3b

Head to the Rotting Orchard again and kill Nightbane Dark Runners this time. Continue west towards the Vul'Gol Ogre Mound. Near the entrance of the cave you'll find Abercrombie's Crate. Inside you will find Zzarc'Vul who has Viktori's Monocle. Even further west you will find Addle's Stead. The Defias Docket is in a chest at 24,72. Go back to Abercrombie and hand in “Ogre Thieves”, get the follow up “Note to the Mayor”. In town hand in “Worgen in the Woods”, get the follow up. Hand in “Look to the Stars”. North of town hand in “The Missing Diplomat”, get the follow up. Hand in “Note to the Mayor”, get the follow up “Translate Abercrombie's Note”, hand it in get the follow up “Wait for Sirra to Finish”. Also hand that in to get “Translation to Ello”. Hand in (again.....) and get “Bride of the Embalmer”. Optional: find a group for the two elite quests “Bride of the Embalmer” and “Morbent Fel”. While you're looking for a group, or if you decide to skip these (just abandon them in that case), go south of town to Roland's Doom to kill more Nightbanes. Head back to town and hand in “Worgen in the Woods”, get the follow up and hand it in again. Optional, hand in the two elite quests. Hearthstone back to Stormwind.

In Stormwind go to Elling Trias and hand in “The Missing Diplomat”, get the follow up. Go to the Old Town and beat up Dashel Stonefist after handing in the quest and getting the next, ignore his friends, they will go away after you've beaten him. Talk to him again and get the follow up. Go back to Elling Trias and get the follow up.

Optional – Gnomeregan

Doing Gnomeregain is optional, but can give some nice items and a needed boost. You're probably level 30 now, or close to 30. Since Jame's guide contains a LOT of grinding at the start, it's highly recommended to go to Gnomeregan if you don't like that. If you don't want, abandon the quest “Gyrodrillmatic Excavationators”

Take a gryphon or tram to Ironforge, start looking for a group. At Tinker Town get the quests
“Data Rescue”, “Essential Artificials”, “Save Techbot's Brain!”, “The Grand Betrayal” and “The Day After”. In the town of Kharanos hand in “The Day After and get the follow up “Gnogaine”. If you don't have a group yet you can solo this last quest outside the instanced region and get the follow up “The Only Cure is More Green”. After you're done with Gnomeregan hand in all you have.

Final part

Fly to Menethil, speak to Mikhail and hand in “The Missing Diplomat”, get the follow up. Speak to Tapoke Jahn, beat him up (ignoring his friends who will back off after you've beaten him, just as in Stormwind), and hand it in. Get the follow up from Mikhail again. Take the boat to Theramore, get the flight path. Hand in “The Missing Diplomat”, get the follow up.

This is the end of the level 20-30 guide.